Welcome to Prana Yoga with Rosa

Prana is the sanskrit word for ‘life force’, focused on the pulse and the circulation of vital energy which is found in the simplest of places – our breath.

Prana Yoga’s private classes leverage the power of Anusara – a dynamic, moving, flowing yoga that depending on how you are feeling that day, can help you relax – clear the mind – and if you are up for it, give you an amazing workout that can reset both your physical and mental clocks.

These hour sessions are first and foremost accessible – they are designed for beginners, those who say they are ‘not flexible’ enough, or those who do not want to fight for mat space in a crowded studio.  A key feature is that classes are student-centric – where the teacher is only the instrument to ensure that you make the most of the shared energy of the class with soft support and guidance.

Classes are small – maximum 10-12 people – and are held in either beautiful outdoor settings to take advantage of what Kampala has to offer, its green lush nature or clean well-equipped indoor studio spaces:  Residences in Kololo or the Kabira Country Club and the Sheraton Fitness Center.

You deserve this – to dedicate one to two hours per week to lay the foundations for health, to realize the potential in your body and mind, to find an oasis of well being that helps you ground yourself.

See you on the mat!IMG_6866